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Project Management

Building design begins when a conceptual design idea brings together functional elements of a building structure and causes them to work together as a whole system to the benefit of the user. Builders Pith creates timeless concepts and brings them to life by way of thoroughly articulate designs.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

We offer a number of different methods of managing a dispute, with a keen specialization in construction disputes. Through, alternative methods of dispute resolution, we expertly assist parties in conflict to reach a settlement they can agree to, away from a traditionally court-based litigation system.

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Environment Management

At Builders Pith, we don’t want to merely protect the environment. We want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting. All our designs address surrounding environmental parameters by embracing five principles which are: quality of life, fairness and equity, participation and partnership, care for the environment and lastly respect for ecological constraints.

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