Environment Management

At Builders Pith, we don’t want to merely protect the environment. We want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting. All our designs address surrounding environmental parameters by embracing five principles which are: quality of life, fairness and equity, participation and partnership, care for the environment and lastly respect for ecological constraints.


There is a thorough consideration of alternatives and selection of a preferred approach.

EIA Expert determines what the effects of the development on the environment will be? Whether those effects are significant and whether an EIA is necessary

EIA Expert undertakes to decide what issues need to be addressed. This refers to those impacts that have an effect on the environment.

EIA Expert collects relevant data on the status of the environment. This provides a basis against which change due to a development can be measured.

EIA Expert undertakes to forecast the likely changes in the environment as a result of the development.

EIA Expert evaluates the significance of the identified impacts.

EIA Expert proposes measures to be taken to reduce or remedy adverse impacts or enhance positive impacts.

EIA Expert monitors and audits impacts and undertakes to do environmental management.

The decision making authority (NEMA) examines the EIA report alongside others such as the public and NGO’s.

EIA Expert prepares a formal document setting out the required information relating to the environmental impact of the proposed development, including all the information gathered during earlier stages of the EIA process.

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