Alternative Dispute Resolution

We offer a number of different methods of managing a dispute, with a keen specialization in construction disputes. Through, alternative methods of dispute resolution, we expertly assist parties in conflict to reach a settlement they can agree to, away from a traditionally court-based litigation system.

STEPS IN: Alternative Dispute Resolution

We assist parties to confidentially meet together for a low-key discussion aimed at reaching an agreement or a solution to a dispute.

As party-appointed neutral mediators we facilitate the disputants to work together towards a negotiated settlement of a dispute.

We facilitate an independent third-party determination of disputes with expert judgment on the subject matter.

As independent third-party adjudicators, we work to provide an interim decision, within a fixed time frame, in respect of disputes arising under a construction contract, usually temporarily binding on the parties.

We act as neutral third-party arbitrators in making a binding decision, usually a final determination, based on the evidence and arguments presented by the parties in respect of a dispute.

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