Do I Really Need An Architect?

I’m glad you asked. Face it, designing a home, apartment block or church building can be quite a daunting task. Should you decide to go it alone, then some of the major tasks to consider would include settling on an appropriate design, hustling through the local building approval process, working out a realistic budget, sourcing for the right materials, commissioning the right builder and of course managing the building contract. Each of these tasks requires specialist skills and discipline which when combined can prove challenging and frustrating for an individual.

Your Architect is qualified, professionally trained and highly experienced. Architects in Kenya are registered by the Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors (BORAQS), having gone through a minimum of five years university training, mandatory practical experience and a standard registration exam.
Over and above designing your project, your Architect will help set a realistic budget, guide you through approval process as well as obtain competitive quotes for the work. Your Architect manages other building consultants for you such as the Surveyors and Engineers and tactfully administers the construction contract all the way to completion. It is your Architect who will envision your dream and bring it to reality through regular inspection of quality of works, ensuring time limits are met and ensuring that budgetary constraints are adhered to.

Your Architect will actualize a rational design for best environmental performance, space and functional needs. Architect-designed buildings are generally healthier places to live, more desirable and highly sought after by an increasingly design conscious market. Thinking of a worth-while building investment? Start by consulting a registered Architect today.

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”– -Jim Rohn-

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